no need to see the doctor, visit L'Armoire Consignments for some

resale therapy


we are here to help you consign, shop and laugh

March 16, 2020 - SHOP UPDATE.....We are closed temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak.  For shop updates, check our website or voicemail.  In the meantime be vigilant about hand washing, and we will survive this!!!  Thank you all for your support over the years.  

Welcome to the beautiful world of L’Armoire Consignments!  We are a green, women-owned and operated small business on dynamic Solano Avenue.  You’ll find a unique consignment store that is a fun and exciting place to shop.  Thinking about seeing a therapist, come to L'Armoire for some “resale therapy”.

We feature stylish women’s apparel and accessories and offer retro, vintage, antique, and specialty items.  Clothing is in “like-new condition” - clean, stain and odor-free, pressed, on hangers or neatly folded in shopping bags.  Pricing is ¼ to 1/3 of its retail value depending on desirability and condition.

About Us

Our shopping philosophy....always Resale vs. Retail

L’Armoire is a green, women-owned and operated small business on dynamic Solano Avenue. We are a unique consignment store that’s a fun and exciting place to shop. Instead of seeing the therapist, come and get a dose of “resale therapy”. L’Armoire has very carefully selected gently-worn women’s apparel and accessories at reasonable prices. Quality, taste, and customer service are our trademarks! L’Armoire is not only in the business of clothing and accessory sales; we also enhance your shopping experience and provide a community service: recycling!

L’Armoire is the place to browse, enjoy the ambience, and purchase an eclectic mix of quality clothing. The staff at L’Armoire values our East Bay community of smart, sophisticated women. Allow us to enhance your personal shopping experience in a beautiful environment while listening to our music mix, perhaps some conversation, and getting to know our friendly and knowledgeable staff.